The Lion, The Witch + The Endless Wardrobe

'You rented it? Is that a thing?' - yes, yes, it is, and what a thing it is.

We’re in the midst of a rental revolution. With a number of major trends converging – the sharing economy, sustainability, social media, excessive shopping and not enough storage space. We all want to wear new and beautiful clothes, but with an economical and environmental cost involved, we often can’t justify the purchase.

Renting provides the perfect solution - if a celebrity can borrow a £5,000 dress to wear for the red carpet, why shouldn’t we have our own Cinderella moment and rent a £500 one for 10% of the price for a night?

Say hello to your Fairy Fashion Godmothers – The Endless Wardrobe.

In the age of Instagram, we can often feel overwhelmed with desire - we’re exposed to so many outfit pictures on a daily basis that our shopping lists can grow at lightspeed.

Have you ever bought something that you wanted so badly at that moment, only to find that a month later it still has its tag on?

If it ain’t making itself regularly into the washing pile, our holiday suitcase or our Instagram profile, we probably shouldn’t have bought it.

After all, we’re supposed to only buy things we’ll wear 30 times.

Everything we buy should be worn 30 times

We often pledge to make fewer, more considered and more expensive purchases, but taking the plunge can be daunting.

Personally, we try to shop with the mindset that unless it’s perfect, it’s going back, but events and holidays can throw a real spanner in the works.

Not only does the pressure set in to get some new pieces, but the deadline looms over you like a ticking time bomb.

It’s always in these moments that it seems we can’t find anything we actually want, and we end up settling.

Events and holidays make us ‘pressure purchase’

We share so many things these days – why shouldn’t we share clothes?

For as long as we can remember, having a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes was a coveted asset – it still is, but the requirement of ownership has dissipated because outfits are more fleeting these days.

Sharing with friends has historically been our only way of sharing clothes, which is a bit of a faff really. You may not be the same size, not wish to lend special pieces, you can’t exactly charge them, but you still risk damage or loss.

What if there was somewhere that took all of these pain points away from you, leaving just a Narnia of beautiful clothes you’d only dreamt of, that you could rent at a click of a button and not even worry about washing?

We got you girl!

The Endless Wardrobe is here to be that magical wardrobe of yours. The only problem is you might just not want to give them back at the end…